Receiving a claim

Published on: 27/01/2015

The Employment Tribunal will notify you in writing if someone has presented a claim against you.
It will send you:
• Claim form (ET1) with any grounds of complaint provided by the Claimant.  This document sets out the details of the claim against you.
• Response form (ET3).  This is the form that you must complete and is your defence to the above allegations.  Since 1 October 2005, ET3 forms must be used for all Responses.  The Employment Tribunal will reject a response presented on any other form or document.
• Letter entitled "Notice of Claim".  This tells you that you must file your Response form with the Employment Tribunal within 28 days from the date of the letter.  The letter will usually specify the last date you can file your response.  If you do not file your response within 28 days, the Employment Tribunal may deny you the right to participate further in proceedings and make a judgment based only on the Claimant`s claim form, including awards of compensation.