Prior to case management discussion checklist

Published on: 27/12/2023

1.  In good time before the PH, you should send to the Tribunal and the Claimant/s a proposed agenda for the PH, setting out your proposed submissions on the issues which the Tribunal has indicated, in its Notice of PH, together with other issues you wish to raise.

2.  It may be possible for a PH to take place by telephone. Normally the tribunal will expect both parties to attend. The PH will be conducted by an Employment Judge sitting alone. You will not be required to bring or present documents or other evidence to the tribunal and you don't usually need to take any of your witnesses with you to the PH.

3  The Employment Judge is likely to discuss at the PH, the following:

  • the issues involved in the case and which of those issues are in dispute
  • which documents you and the claimant will be relying on
  • the witnesses you and the claimant are likely to call
  • the likely length of the main hearing
  • the date or dates of the main hearing
  • the need for medical reports or expert witnesses
  • whether there are any preliminary issues which need to be decided before the case proceeds to a full hearing, for example whether or not the claimant is an employee or a worker, or whether or not the claimant’s claim is time-barred