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Handling a grievance checklist

Remember that the Grievance Procedure applies to employees only. If you do want to use the Grievance Procedure for non-employees make sure that you specify that the Grievance Procedure does

Conducting a grievance investigation checklist

Read the grievance procedure.Identify all of the complaints constituting the grievance and clarify with the employee if necessary. Carry out a thorough investigation - check the facts, gather any

Conducting a disciplinary investigation checklist

1.  Read the disciplinary procedure. 2.  Is the allegation made about the employee a potential breach of company rules?

Conducting a disciplinary meeting checklist

Read the Disciplinary Procedure. Has the employee been invited to attend the disciplinary meeting, been given all the relevant information ahead of the meeting, been clearly advised, in writing,

Conducting an appeal checklist

Read the disciplinary procedure carefully. Appeals should deal with situations where the employee has been dismissed or another disciplinary sanction has been imposed.

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