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Employee handbook


The purpose of the Employee Handbook (“the handbook”) is to provide you with useful information about working for [company name] (“the Company”).

The terms and conditions of your employment have been confirmed to you in your individual contract of employment. The handbook is an additional source of information on the standards we expect and the procedures which govern your employment with the Company.

The handbook contains reference to the Company’s policies and procedures applicable to your employment with which you are expected to familiarise yourself. Full copies of these can be found [on the Company’s intranet] [in the Policy & Procedure Manual available from the Human Resource Department].

The contents of the handbook are not intended to be contractual and do not form part of your terms and conditions of employment, unless confirmed in your contract of employment. That said, you are still expected to comply with the rules and instructions set out in the handbook. Any failure to do so may constitute misconduct and could lead to disciplinary action being taken against you.


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