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Checklist for dealing with performance issues of non employees

The tips below should be followed when workers are underperforming in order to minimise the risk of the relationship between the worker and the company being deemed to be one

On engagement checklist

Do you have all the information you need about the worker, including full name, home address and telephone number, and emergency contact details?

Access request checklist

1.  Is the request in writing? 2. Are you satisfied about the identity of the person making the request? If not, determine what additional information you require and

Considerations for redeployment checklist

Identify the reason for redeployment

ACAS arbitration scheme

Does the case fall within the remit of the scheme i.e. is the claim about unfair dismissal or flexible working? 

Transferor Conducting the TUPE Information and Consultation Process

Transferors are obliged under the TUPE Regulations to provide certain information to, and in some circumstances consult with, appropriate representatives of any employees who might be affected by the TUPE

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Conducting a disciplinary meeting checklist

Read the Disciplinary Procedure. Has the employee been invited to attend the disciplinary meeting, been given all the relevant information ahead of the meeting, been clearly advised, in writing,

Handling a complaint of harassment checklist

1.  Have you taken the complaint seriously and treated it sensitively and tactfully?  Do not dismiss complaints because you think they are trivial (it may be the last straw) or because

Receiving and responding to I and C request checklist

1.  Do you employ less than 50 people? If so, the Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations 2004 ("the Regulations") do not apply to your organisation. 2.  If the Regulations do not apply

Settlement of claims checklist

Will the claim be settled via an ACAS conciliation officer or a compromise agreement? ACAS may help if a claim has already been brought in an employment tribunal.If a compromise

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