What happens when sponsored workers are made redundant?

Published on: 14/06/2023


For sponsored workers whose UK immigration status is reliant on their employment and who therefore must navigate the repercussions of being made redundant, it can be especially challenging. Not only do they face losing their jobs and source of income, their right to live and work in the UK is also in jeopardy. Watch our UK immigration lawyers Monica Atwal and Rebecca Hone as they discuss the implications of redundancies on visa-holding employees and the associated sponsor reporting duties.

The interactive discussion, includes:

  • What happens to a sponsored worker’s visa when you notify the Home Office of the end of their employment.
  • The mandatory sponsor reporting duties following the termination of a sponsored worker’s employment.
  • The impact on sponsored workers and their dependent family members.
  • How sponsored workers can continue to live in the UK after their employment is terminated.

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