TUPE Podcast Series: Service Provision Changes

Published on: 02/03/2023


Same Client and Fundamentally the Same Activities

This is the second podcast in our TUPE Podcast Series; the first podcast When Does TUPE Apply? - Relevant Transfers, introduces the two types of relevant transfers covered by TUPE, namely a business transfer and a service provision change. If you want a general introduction on what a service provision change is, make sure you listen to the first podcast.

In this podcast, Caroline Lendrum will be focussing on service provision changes and, in particular, the requirement to have the same client pre and post-transfer and the requirement for activities to remain fundamentally the same pre and post-transfer.

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TUPE Podcast Series
  1. When Does TUPE Apply? - Relevant Transfers
  2. Service Provision Changes - Same Client and Fundamentally the Same Activities


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