2023: Investment & Acquisition Opportunities in the Chaos?


2023 is looking like it will be a tough year, but some adaptable entrepreneurs and businesses are viewing the current economic climate as an opportunity. Planning strategic investments in the business and assets of distressed companies.

Often these businesses have the potential to thrive but have been affected by circumstances outside their control.

There are several advantages to this approach

  • The price can be significantly less than a traditional merger or acquisition
  • They can rapidly expand your customer base or access new markets
  • Often the pressure from debt and creditors is removed

However, there are risks and there are some things anyone considering such a move should be aware of.

Stuart Mullins, Corporate Partner at Clarkslegal, will share his best practice and some surprising advice on what makes a successful acquisition.


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Linkedin Live

Date and Time

25 November 2022 12:30 PM to 1:00 PM