Are you ready for April 2020’s contract change?

Published on: 16/08/2019


From 6 April 2020, the law relating to employment contracts will change, requiring more information to be provided from day one and extending the entitlement to ALL employees AND workers.  Is your organisation ready?

Currently employers have to provide their employees (who have more than 2 months’ service) with specific information about their employment (often referred to as a section 1 statement) within two months of their employment starting.  Most employers include the information into employees’ contracts of employment for ease.

The changes will require businesses to provide more information, including details of all benefits, training requirements and details of any paid leave, including statutory leave (such as maternity leave).  Some information that can currently be provided in a separate document will have to be included in the initial section 1 statement, including terms relating to sickness absence and pay.  Failure to provide proper statements can result in monetary claims in the tribunal.

For those companies involved in TUPE transfers the changes will require even more vigilance around information that has to be provided to the transferee to ensure compliance and avoidance of fines.  

If you need help getting your contracts up to date with the new law get in touch with one of our employment lawyers today.  We can help review and revise your contracts.  We can also provide advice and support on TUPE transactions and explain what you need to do to ensure your business is compliant. Contact Louise Keenan at


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