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Warnings for poor performance checklist

1.  Before you can issue a warning you must have held a formal meeting with the employee to address your concerns regarding their performance.  2.  Was the employee advised of their statutory right

Appointing contractors factsheet

General considerations for appointing contractors

Employment status - the tests checklist

The following factors indicate that an individual may either be employed or self-employed.

Election of reps (collective redundancy) factsheet

If there are already elected trade union representatives in the organisation, representing affected employees, they must be included in the consultation process.

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Maternity policy

The purpose of this policy is to confirm and communicate the Company’s maternity arrangements and application procedures to enable employees to prepare for their absence and make decisions about their

Retention of records

1. Set and follow standard retention times for categories of information held on the records of employees, workers and former workers.

Maintaining Adequate HR Systems Checklist

If UKVI visit your organisation as part of assessing your sponsor licence application, they will give a score of “met” or “not met” for your HR systems i.e. whether you

Tier 2 and 5 Sponsorship Duties Factsheet

Organisations that hold a Tier 2 and/or Tier 5 sponsor licence must comply with various duties prescribed by the UKVI to ensure that they do not risk this being downgraded,

Invitation to informal absence counselling meeting (short term)

Invitation to informal absence counselling meeting (short term)

Letter advising of nominations and voting process - voting form attached

LETTER ADVISING EMPLOYEES OF NOMINATIONS FOR REPRESENTATIVES AND THE VOTING PROCESS Dear [name]Further to my letter dated [date], the following employees have indicated that they would like to stand as employee