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Best practice volunteers factsheet

Unlike employees, volunteers do not benefit from the protection awarded under a contract of employment and so act as a virtually free and flexible source of manpower.

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Flexible benefit schemes factsheet

Introduction The incentive for the employer to introduce a flexible benefits scheme is to get a competitive edge in the market place by providing benefits of choice to employees to aid

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Use of medical questionnaires factsheet

The Equality Act 2010 (“the EqA”) has introduced a more regulated approach to the questions that an employer can ask about health

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Employing overseas nationals Factsheet

It is illegal for an employer to employ someone who does not have permission to work in the UK.

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Agency Workers factsheet

The Agency Workers Regulations 2010 (the Regulations) implement the EU Temporary Agency Workers Directive into UK law. The Regulations apply to the relationship between agency workers, the agency they

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Agency Workers Regulations 2010 At A Glance Factsheet

Since 1 October 2011 Temps provided by Agencies have certain rights. This means you need to ensure that: (a) You know which Temps are working for

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