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Processing a request for paternity leave checklist

Does the employee’s request, oral or written, specify when leave is to start and whether it is for one week only or two consecutive weeks?

Adoption Rights Factsheet

Adoption Leave All employees automatically qualify for statutory adoption leave regardless of length of service provided the adoption is recognised by the statutory scheme and they have notified the adoption

Other parent's declaration to accompany mother's shared parental leave notice

I confirm that 1) I am the child's father / I am married to or I am the civil partner of the child’s mother / I am the partner

Paternity Leave Factsheet

Paternity leave may be available to an employee whose partner is having a baby or adopting a child.

Other parent's notice to take shared parental leave

I am writing to let you know that I am eligible for and I intend to take shared parental leave.

Mother's declaration to accompany other parent's shared parental leave notice

I confirm that: 1) I satisfy the employment and earnings criteria in respect of shared parental leave in that:

Shared parental leave booking notice

I refer to the shared parental leave notice that I gave you on [date].

Notice to end maternity leave

I confirm that I want to bring my maternity leave [and entitlement to statutory maternity pay] to an end early. I now want my maternity leave to come to an

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Requests to vary or cancel Shared Parental Leave

I refer to the shared parental leave booking notice I gave you on [date]. I was intending to take shared parental leave from [original start date] to [original end date].

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Maternity notification form

MATERNITY NOTIFICATION FORMNAME: DEPARTMENT: EXTENSION NUMBER: This is my official notification to you that I am pregnant.

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