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Letter explaining entitlement to shared parental pay

[I am writing to explain why you are not entitled to Shared Parental Pay. To be eligible for Shared Parental Pay you must have earned an average of the lower

Parental Leave Factsheet

Eligibility Parental leave is available to any employee with one year’s continuous service who has, or expects to have, parental responsibility for a child. They must be taking the

Pregnant Employees Factsheet

Pregnant employees have special rights in the workplace and failure to comply with these rights could lead to expensive claims in the employment tribunal.

Maternity checklist

Has the employee notified you in writing of her pregnancy?

Adoption policy

The purpose of this policy is to communicate the statutory right to adoption leave and pay, enabling employees seeking to adopt to prepare and make decisions about their future.

Letter refusing a request for discontinuous leave

On [date] you wrote to me requesting a discontinuous patter of Shared Parental Leave. Specifically you request a pattern of leave that was [describe the leave pattern requested].As you know,

Mother's notice to take Shared Parental Leave

To be given by the mother. I am writing to let you know that I am eligible for and that I intend to take shared parental leave.

Parental leave checklist

Does the employee`s request, oral or written, specify the date on which leave is to start and end?

Shared Parental Leave Policy (Birth)

1. What is shared parental leave? Shared parental leave (SPL) is a new form of leave which enables eligible working parents to effectively share 50 weeks of a mother’s maternity

Maternity Rights Factsheet

Maternity Leave All employees automatically qualify for 12 months maternity leave regardless of length of service. This consists of 26 weeks’ Ordinary Maternity Leave (OML) and a further 26 weeks’

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