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The UK wakes up to a hung parliament!

09 June 2017 #Other

The Conservatives are the largest party but have fallen short of a majority. 

We blogged previously on the party’s employment and immigration issues in its manifesto, however, it is unclear, at this stage, how this outcome will affect the party’s approach or whether a coalition will be formed. 

The most likely alliance (if formed) will be between the Conservatives and the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), the largest unionist political party in Northern Ireland.  Its manifesto is less specific on the employment and immigration front but they appear to be on the same page in many areas to the Conservatives, with, for example, a commitment to maintaining the present workers’ rights framework, increasing the National Living Wage and seeking an effective immigration policy to meet the skills, labour and security needs of the UK.

The DUP do, however, go further in some respects, seeking a better deal from the Apprenticeship Levy for business in Northern Ireland and introducing a new Better Business Initiative to review health and safety legislation. The Conservatives may, therefore, find the DUP demand a commitment to such initiatives as part of any deal.


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