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BBC gets the ball rolling to tackle its gender pay gap

15 September 2017 #Discrimination

Following the controversy surrounding BBC’s gender pay gap report, (please see our report from earlier this summer) it is unsurprising that the broadcaster has quickly announced plans to tackle its gender pay gap.

Tony Hall, director-general of the BBC has announced his plans including authorising an accountancy and law firm to undertake an independent audit of presenters’ remuneration with a view to closing the gender pay gap. This may result in pay cuts or freezes for certain stars.

Whilst drastic action is required, it will be interesting to see how far the BBC will go to eliminate its gender pay gap. Will it find inspiration in the creative approaches adopted in the UK and other countries? For example, a vegan café in Australia received a mixed reaction following its decision to impose an optional 18% ‘gender surcharge’ on products purchased by men. The café explained that any proceeds raised from the surcharge would be donated to support services for aboriginal women.

If the likes of Graham Norton’s and Chris Evans’ salaries are anything to go by, the BBC will have to impose an enormous gender surcharge throughout its canteens if it uses this as the sole measure to close its gender pay gap, which we think unlikely!  We will have to wait and see what measures Tony Hall has in mind to achieve his very ambitious goal of closing the BBC’s gender pay gap by 2020.

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