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HR Services

Employmentbuddy is supported by HR consultants from Forbury People, which was set up to provide a broad range of HR services from a network of leading specialists.
Forbury People can meet the strategic and operational HR needs of all sizes of business organisations, providing holistic and practical solutions.
No HR task is too big or too small for Forbury People.  We have the specialist consultants to meet your needs.
Forbury People forms an integral part of Clarkslegal’s commitment to developing innovative and multidisciplinary initiatives to better serve clients and other customers.
Here are some of the strategic and operational services that Forbury People can provide:
  • HR strategy including organisational development and assessment
  • Understanding and managing culture / Corporate DNA profiling
  • Talent/Leadership strategy and management
  • Employee engagement
  • HR support and advice including interim management
  • Executive and general recruitment
  • Personality profiling, psychometrics and ability testing
  • ‘Birkman’ personal and team assessment and development
  • On-line coaching tools
  • Conducting internal communications, either in anticipation of or during industrial crises or disputes, or change/reorganisation programmes
  • Media and other external communications management
  • Equal pay audits and job evaluation exercises
  • Review and implementation of contracts, policies and procedures – see HR Audit
  • Review of health & safety processes and compliance – see H&S Audit

For further information please visit www.forburypeople.com