Government to double the number of fast track fellowship visas for scientists

Published on: 31/12/2019


Britain has always prided itself in being ahead of the game in innovation and research. However numerous educational institutions have warned that Brexit may jeopardise Britain’s position in being a world leader in science.

In response to these growing concerns, Priti Patel has announced that she will double the number of eligible fellowships for fast-track visas in scientific research. The current number of eligible fellowships for accelerated visa endorsement is 62. The Home Secretary has promised this will increased to over 120. This means that at least 120 academics will be able to enrol to UK fellowship schemes that are eligible for fast-track. The aim is to ensure that Britain attracts the brightest and best talent from around the world.

The fast-track visa effectively means that those who receive such fellowships will only be required to provide a letter from the relevant funding organisation which will enable them to fast-track the immigration checks process. Many organisations such as the Russell Group and the Royal Society have welcomed this step in reforming the immigration system to encourage leading global talent to the UK.

The following organisations have been added to the list of fellowships, but a full list will be released in early 2020:

  • Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions
  • Human Frontier Science
  • European Research Council
  • European Molecular Biology Organisation.


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