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Webinar: Getting to Grips with Data Protection: Data Protection and Commercial Agreements

Venue: Online

Date/Time: 09 October 2017 2:00 PM to 2:45 PM

Many contracts contain very general data protection clauses, including vague provisions relating to whom data might be supplied and for what purpose. In the context of more stringent obligations and much higher potential liabilities under the GDPR, such general clauses may now prove to be problematic or inadequate. Further, going forward, contracts will need to apportion liability between the parties appropriately because, under the GDPR, both data controllers and data processors will be under a duty to safeguard data.

Organisations must start thinking about the contractual provisions they will need to have in place and how they will need to change their practices to complement new provisions. The massive potential fines under the GDPR, mean liability caps and indemnities are more crucial now than ever!

Our fourth webinar in the ‘Getting to Grips’ series will look at:

  • Indemnities in commercial contracts for data controllers and data processors
  • Transparency provisions so you know exactly how the data is being processed and/or collected
  • Security obligations for the safeguarding of data

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