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Candidate rejection letter

Candidate rejection

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Application form template

We have designed this application form to help us select the best candidate for the job and to eliminate the possibility of discrimination.

Employment status factsheet

It is important for a business to know who its employees are.

Preparing a written statement checklist

Have you stated your business name and address (registered address if a company) and the employee`s name and address?

Offer of employment letter

Offer of employment

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Agency Workers Regulations Audit

Assess the impact of the Agency Worker Regulations on your business

Managing reservists factsheet

It is essential to know your rights and obligations as an employer of Reservists.

References checklist

Ideally, you should obtain references from current and past employers unless the applicant has not previously been employed, in which case a personal reference should be sought.

Request for closed reference template

Request for closed reference

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Questionnaire for Agency

This form is for Hirer to send to Agency to find out about contractual arrangements between Temp and Agency, to ascertain whether contract satisfies requirements of derogation/pay between assignments.

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