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Family Friendly Rights - An Overview

This note is intended to give an overview of the key ‘family friendly’ rights available to employees. There are more detailed factsheets and documents available for each of the

Shared Parental Leave Factsheet

Shared Parental Leave (“SPL”) is a type of leave which, in effect, allows eligible parents to share maternity/adoption leave between them.

Parental Leave Factsheet

Eligibility Parental leave is available to any employee with one year’s continuous service who has, or expects to have, parental responsibility for a child. They must be taking the

Pregnant Employees Factsheet

Pregnant employees have special rights in the workplace and failure to comply with these rights could lead to expensive claims in the employment tribunal.

Maternity Rights Factsheet

Maternity Leave All employees automatically qualify for 12 months maternity leave regardless of length of service. This consists of 26 weeks’ Ordinary Maternity Leave (OML) and a further 26 weeks’

Adoption Rights Factsheet

Adoption Leave All employees automatically qualify for statutory adoption leave regardless of length of service provided the adoption is recognised by the statutory scheme and they have notified the adoption

Paternity Leave Factsheet

Paternity leave may be available to an employee whose partner is having a baby or adopting a child.

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