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Shared Parental Leave Checklist

Is the employee requesting SPL entitled to Statutory Maternity Leave or Statutory Adoption Leave or entitled to Statutory Maternity Pay, Statutory Adoption Pay or Maternity Allowance?

Adoption leave and pay checklist

Check that the employee qualifies for adoption leave. He/She must be the child’s adopter and have notified the agency that they want the child to be placed with them.

Breastfeeding in workplace checklist

1.  Have you considered generally whether working conditions would present a risk to the health of any new or expectant mothers or an unborn child? 2.  Is the work environment clean and safe

Maternity checklist

Has the employee notified you in writing of her pregnancy?

Parental leave checklist

Does the employee`s request, oral or written, specify the date on which leave is to start and end?

Processing a request for paternity leave checklist

Does the employee’s request, oral or written, specify when leave is to start and whether it is for one week only or two consecutive weeks?

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