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Adoption leave and pay checklist

1.    Check that the employee qualifies for adoption leave. He/She must be the child’s adopter and have notified the agency that they want the child to be placed with them. 

2.    Make sure the employee has notified you of their intention to take adoption leave. This should be within 7 days of them being notified that they have been matched. Have they told you when the child is expected to be placed with them and when they want to start their leave?

3.    Have you responded within 28 days to the employee’s notification and confirmed the date when you expect the employee to return to work following adoption leave?

4.    Ensure the employee provides you with documentary evidence to prove they are entitled to adoption leave and/or statutory adoption pay [“SAP”]. This may take the form of a “Matching Certificate”. 

Last updated on 10/01/2017 16:09:10 | #Family friendly