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Career breaks factsheet

Introduction There are a number of reasons why employees may want to take a break from their career, including to travel, undertake further education or to raise a family.   Implementing a

Homeworking policy

Policy statement The Company recognises that working from home has advantages to the individual, enabling them to better balance their work and personal lives, and that it can also benefit the

Jobsharing checklist

1.  Is the person requesting the job share entitled to request flexible working? 2.  If so, has their request been handled under the statutory procedure? 3.  Have you carefully considered whether the post can be

Study Leave Agreement

I am writing to confirm the outcome of the discussions that we have had regarding your request to take study leave to [prepare for your [name of examinations]/ attend your

Invitation to a meeting to discuss flexible working request

Following receipt of your [application][letter of appeal], I would like to invite you to attend a meeting to discuss your request for flexible working on [date/time] at [location] with [person].

Time off for dependants checklist

Is the individual an employee?Is the person in respect of whom the employee wishes to take leave, a dependant as defined by the regulations or your own company policy?Has the

Time off factsheet

Introduction Employees are entitled to time off work for a variety of reasons. Some of these areas are addressed in separate fact sheets, namely:Holidays and rest periodsSickness absenceAdoption leaveMaternity leavePaternity leave

Letter accepting an application for flexible working

Following receipt of your application on [DATE] [and our meeting on [DATE]], I am pleased to confirm that we are able to accommodate your requested working pattern.

Study - Training Course Agreement

I am writing to confirm the agreement that we have reached with regard to you attending the [name of study/training course].

Flexible working policy

The Company’s objective is to attract and retain the best employees in the marketplace and it recognises that greater flexibility with regard to work patterns can be beneficial to both

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