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Benefits and terms for part time staff checklist

1.  Is the part timer`s full time equivalent salary, the same as the salary offered to employees working on a full time basis, in the same job with similar skills and

Introducing career breaks - sabbatical leave schemes checklist

1.  Is the career break paid or unpaid? If paid, will this be at normal pay or at a reduced rate, for all or part of the absence?   2.  If unpaid, will the

Jobsharing checklist

1.  Is the person requesting the job share entitled to request flexible working? 2.  If so, has their request been handled under the statutory procedure? 3.  Have you carefully considered whether the post can be

Time off for dependants checklist

Is the individual an employee?Is the person in respect of whom the employee wishes to take leave, a dependant as defined by the regulations or your own company policy?Has the

Working from home checklist

1.  Do you have a home working policy setting out how requests will be handled? 2.  Is the home worker entitled to make a request for flexible working? 3.  If so, has their request been

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