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Appearance and attire policy - the dress code

The Company aims to project a professional image to its clients, prospective customers and potential employees and seeks to balance this objective with the need for employees to feel comfortable

Emergency preparations policy

The Company recognises that there may be extreme situations when attendance at work could pose an unnecessary risk to health and safety or when emergency time off may be needed. 

Time off for training HR policy

Purpose and scope This Policy is designed to advise employees of their statutory right to request time away from their normal duties to participate in study or training and to ensure

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Disciplinary dismissal policy guidance notes

Purpose & Scope The purpose of a disciplinary procedure is to ensure the safe and effective operation of the business and to promote fair treatment of individual employees. The following

Dependants leave policy

It is recognised that some employees may need to take time off work at short notice because of family or domestic commitments.

Capability policy guidance

Legal Framework Capability or poor performance is a potentially fair reason for dismissal. However, it is important that the company follows a fair procedure in reaching, and taking, the decision to

Maternity policy

The purpose of this policy is to confirm and communicate the Company’s maternity arrangements and application procedures to enable employees to prepare for their absence and make decisions about their

Social media policy

Purpose and scope This Policy on the use of social media is in addition to the Company`s existing Policy on internet and email use.   This Policy covers the use of social

Equal pay policy

The purpose of this Equal Pay Policy is to ensure that all employees and job applicants are treated equally and to support the Company’s objective of ensuring that it provides

Emergency preparations policy guidance

This policy is intended to help employers implement the HR aspects of a Business Continuity/Emergency Plan.

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