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Letter confirming satisfactory completion of probationary period

Dear [   ] RE: PROBATIONARY PERIOD As you aware, your employment was subject to a probationary period of [3 months] expiring on [date].  During this period your performance has been assessed against

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Letter refusing a request for discontinuous leave

On [date] you wrote to me requesting a discontinuous patter of Shared Parental Leave. Specifically you request a pattern of leave that was [describe the leave pattern requested].As you know,

Letter accepting an application for flexible working

Following receipt of your application on [DATE] [and our meeting on [DATE]], I am pleased to confirm that we are able to accommodate your requested working pattern.

Mother's notice to take Shared Parental Leave

To be given by the mother. I am writing to let you know that I am eligible for and that I intend to take shared parental leave.

Requesting informal home visit

Requesting informal home visit

Letter to all employees with ballot results where this does not support negotiation of a new agreement

On [date] a number of employees within the organisation wrote to us asking that the organisation enter into negotiations to reach an agreement under the Information and Consultation of Employees

Confirmation of outcome of appeal against findings of harassment complaint

CONFIRMATION OF OUTCOME OF APPEAL AGAINST FINDINGS OF HARASSMENT COMPLAINT Dear [ ]COMPLAINTI wish to confirm our meeting on [ ] to discuss your appeal against [ ]'s

Request for return of company property

Request for return of company property

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