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Confirmation of garden leave

Confirmation of garden leave

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Letter to reschedule meeting following employees failure to attend

We write to you following your failure to attend the review meeting on [date]. Given the circumstances, [specify reasons for non-attendance, if known] the Company would like to reschedule and

Pay review confirmation letter

Dear [   ] RE: [YEAR] ANNUAL PAY REVIEW  As you aware, the Company undertakes to review salaries once a year on [date].  As a result of this year`s review the Company

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Mother's declaration to accompany other parent's shared parental leave notice

I confirm that: 1) I satisfy the employment and earnings criteria in respect of shared parental leave in that:

Letter of confirmation of a career break - sabbatical (where continuity of service is preserved)

I confirm that the Company has approved your request to take a break from your career for a period of [specify duration] to enable you to [specify purpose], subject to

Transferor or Transferee: Letter confiming Employee Representatives

This letter template confirms the employee representatives and can be used whether or not an election was required

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Shared parental leave booking notice

I refer to the shared parental leave notice that I gave you on [date].

Individual Redundancy - Pooled Roles - Letter to employee following selection process notifying of the risk of redundancy

Letter to employee following selection process notifying of the risk of redundancy

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Medical consent form

Medical consent form

Letter to employees who made IC request where over 40 percent support that request

On [date] you wrote to us asking that the organisation enter into negotiations to reach an agreement under the Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations 2004.