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After the response

The Response has been lodged- what happens next? You need to:  • Know; are you likely to win this case?• Consider;  whether settlement is an option• Prepare your case for a full hearing. Once the

Managing reservists factsheet

It is essential to know your rights and obligations as an employer of Reservists.

Table of rights to time off factsheet

TYPE OF LEAVETHE ENTITLEMENT IN GENERAL TERMSPAID/UNPAIDAnnual leave 5.6 weeks from 1st April 2009 (if full-time, otherwise pro-rated) or maximum of 28 days.Paid

When does TUPE apply

TUPE applies in two types of events: a business transfer and a service provision change.

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Deductions from wages factsheet

No deductions may be made from a worker`s wages unless:The deduction is allowed by law e.g. deduction of PAYE and NIThe deduction is allowed by the worker`s contractThe worker has

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Setting up a Business in the UK: The Representative of an Overseas Business Visa

The Representative of an Overseas Business visa enables a representative of a company based outside of the UK to live and work in the UK in order to set up

Maternity Rights Factsheet

Maternity Leave All employees automatically qualify for 12 months maternity leave regardless of length of service. This consists of 26 weeks’ Ordinary Maternity Leave (OML) and a further 26 weeks’

Equality Act Factsheet

As a general rule employees and job applicants, ex-employees and "workers" (which includes employees, agency workers, casual workers and, in some cases, workers who are self-employed) are protected from discrimination

Time off for training factsheet

Legal framework   The right for employees to request time off work to undertake study or training was introduced by the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009. The law has

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Preliminary hearings

Pre-hearing review  A pre-hearing review will deal with any initial issues between the parties, after proceedings have been issued. The pre-hearing review is likely to concern jurisdictional issues to determine whether

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