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Covert monitoring

Circumstances when covert monitoring can be carried out Covert monitoring can only be used in exceptional circumstances, as it will be rare for covert monitoring of workers to be justified. You

Receiving a claim

The Employment Tribunal will notify you in writing if someone has presented a claim against you. It will send you:  • Claim form (ET1) with any grounds of complaint provided by the

Pregnant Employees Factsheet

Pregnant employees have special rights in the workplace and failure to comply with these rights could lead to expensive claims in the employment tribunal.

Employment status factsheet

It is important for a business to know who its employees are.

Time off factsheet

Introduction Employees are entitled to time off work for a variety of reasons. Some of these areas are addressed in separate fact sheets, namely:Holidays and rest periodsSickness absenceAdoption leaveMaternity leavePaternity leave

TUPE & Changing Terms and Conditions

The overall aim of TUPE is to protect the rights of the transferring employees. Therefore, the automatic transfer principle (see Who transfers?) means that employees assigned to the relevant business

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Bonuses factsheet

Bonus schemes and any benefits are usually categorised as either: Contractual or non-contractual -  i.e. right to participate in a bonus schemeDiscretionary or non-discretionary - i.e. potential benefit under the

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Age discrimination factsheet

“Age” is one of nine characteristics protected by the Equality Act 2010 (EqA) and covers discrimination based on all ages, young and old.

Right to work checks: who is an employee?

Employers have a duty to help prevent illegal working by checking that potential employees have the right to work in the UK before employing them.

Equal pay factsheet

The Equality Act 2010 (“the EqA”) replicates the former legislation preventing discrimination as regards terms and conditions of employment between men and women and introduces some new provisions aimed at

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