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References checklist

Ideally, you should obtain references from current and past employers unless the applicant has not previously been employed, in which case a personal reference should be sought.

Due diligence questionnaire (TUPE)


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Avoiding age discrimination checklist

Create an age profile of your organisation to highlight any potential areas of risk. Investigate the possible causes for any age groups who are under represented across the company,

The Do`s and the Dont`s of Back to Work Chats

Ask how the employee is feeling and the reason for the absence

Terminating an employees contract checklist

When contemplating terminating an employee`s contract, you should consider the following steps...

Unlawful industrial action checklist

Had there been a ballot before the industrial action took place?  If so, consider the following questions. If the answer to any of them is ‘no` it is possible that

Processing a request for paternity leave checklist

Does the employee’s request, oral or written, specify when leave is to start and whether it is for one week only or two consecutive weeks?

Volunteers status checklist

The following should be considered in order to minimise the risk of the relationship between a volunteer and an organisation being deemed to be one of employment.

TUPE Information and Consultation Checklist - No Reps

Suggested procedure for TUPE information and consultation process where there is no trade union or pre-existing employee representatives.

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Reasonable adjustments checklist

Request the employee`s consent to obtain a medical report from their GP or physician

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