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Maternity checklist

Has the employee notified you in writing of her pregnancy?

Time off for dependants checklist

Is the individual an employee?Is the person in respect of whom the employee wishes to take leave, a dependant as defined by the regulations or your own company policy?Has the

Preparing a written statement checklist

Have you stated your business name and address (registered address if a company) and the employee`s name and address?

Dealing with capability through ill health checklist

You should investigate any medical reasons for an employee`s absence before deciding that he is not capable of continuing in his job.

Information required for settlement agreements

Information required for settlement agreements

Conducting an appeal checklist

Read the disciplinary procedure carefully. Appeals should deal with situations where the employee has been dismissed or another disciplinary sanction has been imposed.

Equal pay audit checklist

1.  Have you identified where men and women are carrying out: like work, i.e. work which is the same or broadly similar? work rated as equivalent under a Job Evaluation Study? work of equal

Responding to a request for a european works council checklist

1.  Does your organisation employ at least 1000 employees in the EEA with at least 150 employees in each of two or more member states? If not, then respond to the

Parental leave checklist

Does the employee`s request, oral or written, specify the date on which leave is to start and end?

Working from home checklist

1.  Do you have a home working policy setting out how requests will be handled? 2.  Is the home worker entitled to make a request for flexible working? 3.  If so, has their request been

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