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Absence counselling checklist

Absence counselling checklist

Processing a resignation checklist

On receipt of a resignation, check the employee`s contract to determine the length of notice required, the existence of any restrictive covenants and the contractual rights of both parties during

Transferee Conducting a Pre-Transfer Redundancy Consultation Process

In the TUPE context, transferees may collectively consult with the transferring workforce prior to the transfer date, provided certain conditions are met, see TUPE Information & Consultation

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Table of statutory rights checklist

Written statement of employment particularsItemised pay statement Protection against unlawful deductions from wages  Guarantee payments Protection in relation to Sunday trading and Sunday betting Protection for making a prot

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Conducting a disciplinary investigation checklist

1.  Read the disciplinary procedure. 2.  Is the allegation made about the employee a potential breach of company rules?

Equal opportunities at work checklist

1.  Does each job have a job specification prepared prior to recruitment, which is consistent with the requirements of the job?2. Are there any potentially discriminatory criteria, i.e. position full time; limits

Industrial action ballot process checklist

If any of these stages have not been followed then it is likely that any industrial action which follows will be unofficial. However, ‘minor` non-compliances will be unlikely to result

Tips for witnesses

Make sure that you are happy with your witness statement. Remember that you will give this evidence on oath - if you are not satisfied that it is the truth or

Breastfeeding in workplace checklist

1.  Have you considered generally whether working conditions would present a risk to the health of any new or expectant mothers or an unborn child? 2.  Is the work environment clean and safe

Jobsharing checklist

1.  Is the person requesting the job share entitled to request flexible working? 2.  If so, has their request been handled under the statutory procedure? 3.  Have you carefully considered whether the post can be

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