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Managing requests for religious holidays checklist

1.  Make sure you treat the request for holiday fairly and sympathetically using a consistent approach.   2.  Is it made clear, either in the employment contract or a staff handbook, that taking holiday

Electing employee representatives checklist

1.  Identify the number of employees to be covered by the Information and Consultation agreement. 2.  Determine number of employee representatives required (1 for every 50 employees, with a minimum of 2 and

Tips for advocates

Prepare as thoroughly as possible.Make sure your witnesses are prepared.Dress conservatively.Be polite - to the panel, witnesses and the other side.Address the Employment Judge as Sir or Madam.Do not try to be

Adoption leave and pay checklist

Check that the employee qualifies for adoption leave. He/She must be the child’s adopter and have notified the agency that they want the child to be placed with them.

Introducing career breaks - sabbatical leave schemes checklist

1.  Is the career break paid or unpaid? If paid, will this be at normal pay or at a reduced rate, for all or part of the absence?   2.  If unpaid, will the

Warnings for poor performance checklist

1.  Before you can issue a warning you must have held a formal meeting with the employee to address your concerns regarding their performance.  2.  Was the employee advised of their statutory right

Employment status - the tests checklist

The following factors indicate that an individual may either be employed or self-employed.

Retention of records

1. Set and follow standard retention times for categories of information held on the records of employees, workers and former workers.

Maintaining Adequate HR Systems Checklist

If UKVI visit your organisation as part of assessing your sponsor licence application, they will give a score of “met” or “not met” for your HR systems i.e. whether you

Conducting a grievance investigation checklist

Read the grievance procedure.Identify all of the complaints constituting the grievance and clarify with the employee if necessary. Carry out a thorough investigation - check the facts, gather any

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