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Recruitment Checklist

Checklist: Recruitment and selection

Right to Work Checklist

You must carry out the below 3 step-procedure before an employee starts work to have an excuse against liability for a civil penalty if they are found to be working

Pensions Auto Enrolment Checklist

From 1 October 2012, new laws will come into force requiring employers in Great Britain to automatically enrol eligible jobholders into a qualifying pension scheme. The introduction of the

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Handling a grievance checklist

Remember that the Grievance Procedure applies to employees only. If you do want to use the Grievance Procedure for non-employees make sure that you specify that the Grievance Procedure does

Prior to case management discussion checklist

In good time before the CMD, you should send to the Tribunal and the Claimant/s a proposed agenda for the CMD, setting out your proposed submissions on the issues which

Transferee Post TUPE Checklist

This checklist is a useful summary of the main issues Transferees need to consider following a TUPE transfer.

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Dealing with a whistleblower checklist

If a worker wishes to make a disclosure to you under the Public Interest Disclosure Act or you are involved in the disclosure procedure in any way: 1.  If you have one,

Return from short term absence checklist

Do not assume that you do not need to do anything when an employee returns from short-term absence.

Financial settlement checklist

When contemplating whether to negotiate a settlement with a departing employee, you should consider the following...

Points to consider when varying T and C of employment checklist

Are the changes "contractual" or merely guidance notes i.e. policies and procedures. Only contractual terms require the employee`s consent to a changeCheck the contract of employment. Does it give you

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