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Queen’s Speech: Proposed measures relating to Employment Law

23 June 2017 #Other

Her Majesty has outlined the legislative agenda for the coming two years in Parliament. As the Conservative Party failed to obtain a majority in the recent general election, many manifesto promises were scaled down or scrapped entirely. Three proposed bills relate to employment law:

  • Great Repeal Bill – Please see our previous article for a discussion on this. 
  • National Insurance Contributions Bill – This makes the changes announced previously in the 2016 budget creating a “fairer and simpler” system. It does not relate to the increase of Class 4 contributions (self-employed) proposed as part of the spring 2017 Budget.
  • Immigration Bill – This enables the government to end free movement of EU nationals to the UK. It states that EU nationals and their families will “be subject to relevant UK law” and contains a pledge by ministers to “control” immigration numbers while attracting “the brightest and best.”

There was no mention of the Taylor report into modern employment practices, so it remains to be seen how, or if,  these recommendations will be implemented.

The Queen’s speech will go to parliamentary vote, which it is expected to pass. However, each bill will also be subject to its own parliamentary vote in future.


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