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Potential increase to damages bands for injury to feelings

24 July 2017 #Employment Tribunals

In discrimination claims (and in some other claims such as those for detrimental treatment following a protected disclosure), claimants can be compensated for the injury to their feelings as well as any financial loss.  The case of Vento v Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police set three broad bands (lower, middle and upper) for use when awarding such damages.

A judicial consultation has been launched into whether these bands should be increased in line with the Retail Prices Index.  The consultation closes on 25th August 2017.

The proposed new bands would be:

  • lower band: £1,000 to £8,000 (increased from £660-£6,600);
  • middle band: £8,000 to £25,000 (increased from £6,600 - £19,800); and
  • upper band: £25,000 to £42,000 (increased from £19,800 - £33,000).


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