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Not Lovin’ It - McDonald’s workers take part in first UK strike

15 September 2017 #Employee relations

Last week McDonald’s was hit by its first strike since first opening its doors in the UK in 1974. Workers took to the picket line amid concerns over low wages and the use of zero-hours contracts.

Workers at two branches in Cambridge and Crayford began the 24-hour strike action last week before heading to a rally in Westminster.

The staff are calling for pay to be increased to £10 per hour, up from the minimum wage of £7.50 for staff aged 25 and above. The Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU), one of Britain’s oldest trade unions, said staff also demanded more secure working hours and union recognition.

McDonald’s announced back in April that workers would be offered a choice of flexible or fixed contracts with minimum guaranteed hours, adding 86 % of workers have chosen to stay on flexible contracts. In response to the strike, the fast-food giant explained that those taking industrial action represented 0.01% of its workforce and that the dispute was in relation to its internal grievance procedures.

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