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Gender pay gap: perceptions v reality

28 July 2017 #Discrimination

A recent survey by salary benchmarking site emolument.com revealed that many men were unaware of a gender pay gap existing in their sector.

Emolument asked 837 people if they thought their industry had a gender pay gap and compared their answers to the pay data for 50,000 professionals from their respective industries. Based on the survey, women are much more aware of the pay gap, with no less than 67% of women in any sector recognising there is a gender pay gap (this rose to 100% in some sectors). Men are much less aware. Men in the technology and telecoms sector were the most attuned with 59% agreeing there is a gender pay gap but this figure dropped as low as 22% in the real estate sector despite it having a 16% pay gap.

With the introduction of the new gender pay gap reporting obligations in April of this year, it is hoped that with increased awareness of the gap, it will gradually narrow.


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