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Health & Safety Audit

A H&S Audit will examine your current H&S policies and procedures to reveal the strengths and weakness of your practices and, importantly, identify any areas where you may be at risk of a visit from the HSE, a personal injury claim, criminal prosecution.

We recommend that H&S Audits are carried out annually.  Why?

  • So documents reflect current H&S legislation and case law developments
  • To ensure standards are communicated effectively to your staff 
  • As protection for your business 
  • To improve and plan your H&S strategy 
  • For peace of mind

Our H&S Audits are carried out by experienced H&S Consultants from Forbury People. They will provide practical and constructive advice and solutions for all your H&S needs.

What’s the process?

  • Complete a simple questionnaire
  • Attend an on-site consultation with the H&S Consultant
  • Receive a bespoke report, which will focus on areas where improvements can be made, including a recommended course of action.

What’s the cost?

  • £650 plus VAT 

After Care

Our H&S Consultant offers additional support services, when you’re ready to act on the findings.  These include drafting policies, assistance with implementation of changes and provision of relevant training.

Fee quotations are available on request.

Please contact us to book a H&S Audit.

Alternatively, complete and submit the questionnaire and we will contact you.